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Wozniacki dating rory mcilroy

Mc Ilroy is a young bright star in the golfing world. In 2011 he became the youngest player ever to reach 10 million Euros in career earnings on the European tour.

He is claimed to be the British answer to Tiger Woods.

However, since he hit the big time he has struggled with issues off the course.

After leaving that firm to form his own, he is now in a multimillion pound legal battle with Horizon.

Mc Ilroy then changed his sponsor to Nike, which meant a change in golfing equipment that took some time to settle in.

At the same time as his meteoric rise to success he began to date the tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. For those who followed either of them on Twitter there was no doubt that they were very much in love.

They posted pictures of each other constantly and could be seen supporting each other at major events.

There is no doubt that the pressure of being at the top of professional sport is immense and the media speculated that the romance was doing neither of them any favours in their sporting performances.

Many had predicted that they would get engaged and duly marry.

Perhaps this stability would help, although finding stability when both halves of a partnership are competing all over the world can’t be easy. The statement came from Mc Ilroy’s management saying that he felt now was too soon to be making a marital commitment.

Perhaps he is right although it might have been better to have thought this through before they sent out the invitations.

But is it actually possible for two people at the top of their sports to sustain a relationship?

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff are still going strong, but they got together after Steffi had retired from the game.

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