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Add a predominantly Muslim population to the mix, and you’re all set to experience a variety of cultural differences.

So, to make most of your stay — and to prevent being rude or a fool — familiarize yourself with these common Turkish customs and etiquette rules that apply in Istanbul.

You would believe the news you see on TV, but the life of the rich and famous seems more intriguing-- you would rather watch trashy paparazzi shows.

It would be unthinkable for you not to support one of the major Turkish teams.

By the way, you fail to understand why someone would use a bizarre word like "soccer." You are unaware that you have more official and not-so-official vacations than any country in Europe.

From all sorts of mezes to the almighty kebab to stellar desserts, you'll never go hungry again.

Whether you're headed to one of Turkey's beautiful cities, the arresting countryside, or the incredible beaches, you'll have your own personal tour guide and a supremely romantic trip with your someone special.

They place a huge emphasis on cultural and economic exchange with countries around the world, and Istanbul is considered the western world's gateway to the east.

Outside of the larger cities, women should avoid exposing their arms and legs, wear loose-fitting clothing and understand that people may stare at them.When visiting a mosque, all visitors are required to remove their shoes, and women must be covered completely, including their hair.Istanbul is a modern world city, like so many others.What makes it unique (except the vast amount of historical sightseeing spots) is the mix of Oriental and Western Cyril Alebard Yet another response to my How to Tell If You're American page.Cyril (that's a pseudonym), 36, has lived in various places in Europe, The Middle East and the U.for the majority of his life, but now he lives in Ankara, Turkey.You believe in God, as much as you believe in separation of religion and government.I have diplom university of culture - sozial pedagogic.I'm exactly five weeks into my mission to speak Dutch.While there are major advantages of my German and my English giving me a head start thanks to many linguistic similarities, I have had a major set-back in this mission that has been slowing me down tremendously; simply finding opportunities to converse!Dutch culture is different to others I am used to; everyone has been very nice and polite to me, and nobody speaks English to me, but after a brief first conversation they tend to disappear, and there is little hope of seeing them again due to their always packed schedules. Luckily I am finally getting through to some people and starting to socialise properly, hanging out for hours or even almost an entire day, speaking just in Dutch.

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