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Several of my accounting staff have reported a strange problem.The other day two of them were working on Excel spreadsheets and when they updated an amount in one cell, the formula that added up a range of cells, including the one they changed, did not update.

To further complicate things both users were working on different spreadsheets under different versions of Excel (one on Office 2003, one on 2007).

The only common thing between them is that both spreadsheets were opened from our shared network drive.

I thought it might be related to loss of network connection, but both said they were able to save the spreadsheets back out to the network.

The following day when I looked at the spreadsheets, the formulas were working fine and updating as values changed.

Trust no-one and nothing unless you've seen it with your own eyes - honestly - I've seen "experienced" users do the strangest things...

This sounds as though Calculation had been set to Manual rather than Automatic. Hi, I am runnning this marquee label function in a userform (Dash).When I close the form, using 'unload frm Dash' the function is still running in the background.Can someone give me a tip on how to end it at the same time as the form is closed?Excel Pivot Tables are probably the single most powerful built-in feature of Excel.If you analyse lots of data, my guess is that Pivot Tables are one of your favorite tools.They are fast and flexible – they save you lots of time by allowing you to explore data.I often find that checking out data with Pivot Tables gives me faster understanding of the data than using Excel formulas alone. One of those drawbacks is that your carefully chosen formatting is often lost when you change or refresh a Pivot Table.In this article we’ll have a look at how to stop Excel from resetting a custom number format in the Pivot Tables value area.This week we take a look at a question asked by one of our readers – Joanne.Joanne uses pivot tables and wants to choose a custom number format for her value field.

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