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For the third year in succession, the Hakluyt Society in pleased to announce its annual round of Research Funding.In furtherance of the principal objects of the Hakluyt Society, to promote the study of historical exploration, travel, and worldwide cultural encounter, the Society operates two schemes of research funding.These are: These funding opportunities are open to anyone whose research interests meet with and promote the objects of the Hakluyt Society.

Please ensure that you have read the guidelines below before completing the Application Form. Hakluyt Society funding is given to support and extend the stated aims of the Society.

The primary aim of the Society is ‘to advance knowledge and education by the publication of scholarly editions of primary records of voyages, travels and other geographical material’.

In addition, the Society also undertakes and supports activities supplementary to its primary role as a publisher of scholarly texts: ‘by organizing and participating in meetings, symposia and conferences which contribute to an increased awareness of geographical exploration and cultural encounter’.

Applicants should state clearly in their application how the proposed project meets the aims of the Society 2.

The applicant must be a member of the Hakluyt Society at the time of application.

(For further information about membership and the activities of the Hakluyt Society, please visit In completing the form, applicants should make clear which one of the two funding sources is being applied for.It is not possible to apply for both of the funding sources in the same year.In the event of successful application, further financial support from the Society will not normally be considered within two years. The , should place the nature of the research proposed in relation to the relevant scholarly literature and identify the originality and significance of the work proposed. Where relevant, the library/archive or other repository to be visited should be identified, as should the expected time frame in which the research will be undertaken. These should also be realistic and precisely stated. Applicants should note that the funding is intended to cover the costs associated with the conduct of research (including reasonable travel and subsistence expenses), and is not for an applicant’s ongoing maintenance expenses during the period of research.The application should detail the number of working days that will be spent at the library/archive/repository in question. Maintenance can be paid, however, for periods when the research requires the applicant to live away from home.Please note that Hakluyt Society research funding is for research with identifiable publication plans only and may not be used simply for dissertation research or write-up.Funding will not be given for computer hardware or software costs.If applicants are in any doubt over allowable costs, they are advised to contact the Society. Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the support of the Hakluyt Society in any resultant Hakluyt Society publication, other research publication or in events of outreach and dissemination. The maximum sum available for a Hakluyt Society Research Grant (HSRG) is £1500.Normally, there will be up to six Hakluyt Society Research Grants available in any one research funding year (April to March).Normally, there will be two Hakluyt Society Short-Term Fellowships available in any funding year.The Hakluyt Society Short-Term Fellowship (HSSTF) may be held for a maximum of four calendar months.The maximum sum available for the Hakluyt Society Short-Term Fellowship will be £1650 per calendar month (i.e., the maximum sum that may be sought is £6600).

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