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magazine is printed three times a year—in September, January and April.Please note: If your order is placed between April 30th and August 31st, your first issue will arrive in September.

L' Amour Secret promises that you will “Give someone a gift they will never forget.” The company doesn’t require a month-to-month subscription, and you can get a one-time-only customized box for .99.

"Our sex toy box for adults is filled with products that are refreshing for your passion-making moments and add a fun, hot, steamy, kinky twist to your bedroom," the company told us.

To find out what's inside, you will have to wait until your package hits your doorstep!

" Like great sex, the best part is the surprise element to the whole experience. I must admit I got a little excited just opening the thing.

Sex subscription boxes work by filling out a form that asks what your sexual interest are, including your most secret, taboo fantasies. Since I mentioned that I was always interested in “giving and receiving oral,” inside was a chocolate "edible thong" from Kinmanmyjoy.

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