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I used to draw pictures of my imaginary bands with names like The Rockets.

One of my earliest musical memories was from kindergarten.

Around this time I got into the idea of drumming, I think maybe because it was aggressive.

I would drum wooden spoons and beat on pots and pans, using the pots as the drums and the lids as the cymbals.

I remember sitting on the bus staring out of the window and singing to myself “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago.

I always flipped through the Sears catalog to look at the drum sets.

When I started band in the sixth grade, my parents got me the Sears drum set.

That’s when they figured out I was serious enough about playing the drums that they could afford to actually invest a little money in it.

“I consider myself Mormon, I believe in Mormonism, I believe in the Book of Mormon, and I try to follow the teachings,” he told the Associated Press in 2014, and the subject is one he remains passionate about today.

It was a big commitment for my parents, but as far as sets go it was very chintzy.

On my thirteenth birthday they surprised me with a Tama drum set.

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