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Drew Scott lost out on his dream of winning Dancing With The Stars on Monday at the final step despite getting his highest ever score.The 39-year-old Canadian reality star was one of four remaining contestants on the first night of a two-part finale that featured Pitbull and Fifth Harmony performing with Normani Kordei returning to the ballroom since finishing third last season.And despite also getting three perfect 10s from the four judges for his freestyle dance — with only Carrie Ann Inaba marking him down with a 9 — Drew ended up getting sent home before the decisive finale.

The Property Brothers star said that he planned to 'show everybody that I deserve to be here,' knowing going in he was the underdog, saying: 'I honestly never thought I would make it to the finals.'As he left, he praised his pro partner Emma Slater, saying: 'There's no way I could have done anything I did out here without her, and this has been such a ride.'Pointing to his fellow finalists, he added: 'Look at the amazing, amazing talent — I can't even believe I'm here with these guys.'Thanking everyone on the show, he insisted: 'You've made this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.'Emma during rehearsal admitted that it was amazing they had made it so far, saying: 'Looking back at week one — there's no way I thought we'd be here!

'But she insisted earlier: 'Drew has transformed so much on this show.

His heart has, I think, won him over more fans than people realize.'Giving him a 10 for his freestyle, head judge Len Goodman called him 'the most improved dancer on this show' and joking that while he started the season as a 'fixer upper' he was now 'a hot property.''You really have exceeded all expectations tonight,' Bruno Tonioli told him. A delight from the beginning to the end.'His first dance, a paso double in the redemption round, got all 9s, with Len telling him: 'This had finesse, it had quality, and control.

I thought you did a wonderful job.'Guest judge Julianne Hough, in a daring red dress with a lace section split at the front and a 50's-style hairdo, told him: 'Your title is Most Improved for sure.'Even before Drew's exit, the first night of the finale seemed to pair Jordan and Lindsey both together for a head-to-head battle after both getting perfect scores from all four judges for both dances.'This is becoming the war of the floor,' Len had said.

'I'm so excited about tomorrow evening because I have no clue who's going to win.'Singer and actor Jordan had gone first, still recovering from an eye wound while his pro partner Lindsay Arnold had a knee injury, with him insisting in rehearsals: 'We are not at the place we would like to be for the final.'But they got all 10s for their redemption routine, a Charleston, with Len joining them in rehearsals to insist on 'recognizable Charleston steps' after not seeing enough at their first stab at it — and ending up gushing that they gave 'so much more' as it was 'so full-on, full of energy.''This was another virtuoso performance,' Bruno Tonioli told them, adding: 'Apart from the fact that the actual content was sharper than a samurai sword, the timing and quality — off the chart.'You two dance like two instruments perfectly in tune and always, always in perfect pitch. Carrie Ann, meanwhile, joked: 'There could not have been a better showcase of your incredible uniqueness — I mean that was you, on crack, dancing!

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Extraordinary.'Julianne, meanwhile, insisted: 'I'm, like, in shock. When I watch you guys, I become a fan.'Jordan declared they were planning to make their freestyle routine 'the best freestyle that the show has ever seen,' with Bruno standing in applause as he called it 'a sensational, show-stopping number.''You have star power that is limitless, all packaged for a new generation. Jordan insisted his success was all down to pro partner Lindsay, saying: 'Lindsay has seriously made me a harder worker, she's made me a better artist — she's made me a better person. 'After their second round of perfect scores, pro Mark gushed: 'I took some time off, and coming back to the show this way, it couldn't be any better.'Despite remaining in the running, Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie showed by far the most emotion, breaking down into tears in prerecorded confessionals as he spoke of his support for pro partner Witney Carson.

I'm so endlessly inspired and appreciative.'Amazingly, violinist Lindsey Stirling then matched his perfect scores, starting with a mobster-themed redemption quickstep that Bruno called 'criminally good' and 'like the Bonnie and Clyde of quicksteps' while Carrie Ann called her ' the most improved.''I know you can play the violin, but there was no fiddling about with that,' Len joked, before adding with mock distaste: 'I'm going to use a word I never use, because it's an American word — awesome.'Lindsey actually played violin during her freestyle performance — even as pro partner Mark Ballas spun her around — which Bruno called 'a modern classic extravaganza.''Conducted and orchestrated to perfection. She had faced a crisis in confidence after picking a dark, powerful choreography for their freestyle while the show's executive producer insisted the fans would react better to a light, upbeat dance for Frankie.'I trust Witney over anything else,' he said. Everything she has done for me is incredible.'Breaking into tears, he added: 'Witney helped me face my fears and prove I could do anything.

She helped me get here to the finals, and to where I am as a person right now.

I'll always be thankful to her for that.''I'm really happy that you made this choice.

I applaud you for doing it,' Carrie Ann told him, with Bruno adding: 'It showed a different side of you and I really, really, really liked it.'Frankie got two 10s and two 9s, but still beat Drew from the bottom of the leaderboard by also getting two 10s for his redemption routine, a foxtrot that Bruno praised for channeling Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

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