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Autumn in Prague is filled with amazing colours from the city parks and the green areas have now turned reddish.

Czechs are maybe not the biggest believers in Europe, but why not take advantage of some of the beautiful churches; this festival is performed in a variety of churches and venues around Prague.

When: September Where: Prague Annually at the Smichov National House, Prague 5.

The sexual openness and tolerance of the Czechs is well known in Europe, but perhaps, this annual exhibition at the Smichov National House may shock the foreign visitor!

This event is fast-becoming a favorite attraction for many visitors.

It’s hard to describe all the events and activities presented here – you really have to see this for yourself!

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When: September-October Where: Prague Classical Music, they are good at it so why not promote it with a festival, Prague Autumn Festival have the classical era from the end of the 18th century to the present in focus, and is containing concerts with virtually all piano, violin and cello concertos, composed in the last two hundred years.When: September-December Where: all over We just had the old classical music which is followed by a festival with modern Classical music as well.It is not only classical music which is being performed but also jazz, world music and crossover projects that bridge the gaps between genres as they are traditionally conceived.When: September-June Where: Martinů Hall Longer promotion of chamber music in Prague and neighboring communities.From September to June people are invited to play in Martinů Hal.When: November-December Where: Prague Festival Alternativa – one of the largest display of alternative and experimental music in central Europe.When: October Where: Prague One of the oldest Jazz festivals in Prague which have been visited by the greatest, this have to be visited no doubt about that.When: October Where: Prague As the name projects this is not a whole month festival but a very concentrated festival with innovative theatre projects, unique site-specific projects, exhibition, projections, and concerts.Every year the festival presents around twenty groups from all over the world.When: 31 October Where: Prague Halloween in Prague.f you are interested in an unusual, slightly terrifying Halloween holiday, Old Prague is the place.

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