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Nokia 5800 died after updating

I have swapped my broken Nokia 5310, for a shiny touchscreen Nokia 5800.But it seems despite sharing the ‘Xpress Music’ badge, Nokia won’t let me transfer over my Comes With Music subscription. I contacted Nokia Care to find out about tranferring my Comes With Music subscription on to another compatible phone.

To access standby mode, press the red end key on your device) 3)The software version of your device.

(To view the software version, enter the code *#0000# in the standby mode of your device.

To access standby mode, press the red end key on your device) 4)Your Nokia Music user name If you fulfil the requirements and provide us with all the information above, we will be able to add your new device to your subscription.

Please note, that if you change your registered device, you will no longer be able do the following with your original mobile device: -download new Comes With Music content – transfer already download content from your PC to mobile Hi, After dropping my phone from my pocket onto some metal grates I can now reveal was a Nokia 5310 with a shattered screen looks like. Anyway, now this phone has died a death, I will need to find another phone which I can copy my licenced music over on to and keep downloading.

Sadly the phone has not even lasted the subscription…

The only remedy according to the Nokia troubleshooter is to contact customer care. All that leaves me to do is wait…and think about how horrible DRM only serves to punish paying customers.And my advice to anyone thinking of running a software update on your Nokia phone, DON’T My advice to anyone looking to buy a Comes With Music phone: THINK TWICE Update: After contacting Nokia Care, the solution turned out to be formatting the memory card and then re-syncing from Nokia Music.Of course, this is a hassle I wouldn’t have had if the music wasn’t DRM protected.In the rather usual, bloated way of Nokia PC suite, it reported an update was available and proceeded to download a massive patch and re-install the whole shebang including a system restart.On arrival the updated Nokia PC suite reported a new version of the firmware was available for my Nokia 5310.Yet another 60mb of downloads later, the software update was ready to start, but not before I had done a full phone backup using the PC Suite backup tool.The firmware update did run successfully (taking a further 20 minutes.) It blitzed the phone content, but not the stuff on the memory card.So I was grateful when my backup restored successfully.Unfortunately, all this effort (total time was around an hour,) still didn’t fix the main software gripe I have with the phone, which is the black flicker in the background of all menus and applications as I scroll using the phone or play a game.What a creaky bug, that seems to affect this Nokia 5310 but not my last one. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Latin and Spanish language selection available from the Nokia Music Store.I can download tracks from most of the artists I learned to love whilst in Madrid and Mexico.

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