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Television stations: nearly 70 federal government-owned national and regional TV stations; all 36 states operate TV stations; several private TV stations operational; cable and satellite TV subscription services are available (2007).Nigeria's media scene is one of the most vibrant in Africa.

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However, the media is allowed to broadcast "fair comment on matters of public interest".Penalties for defamation of character include two years' imprisonment and possible fines.The law requires local television stations to limit programming from other countries to 40 percent and restricts foreign content of satellite broadcasting to 20 percent.The NBC's 2004 prohibition of live broadcasts of foreign news and programs remains in force, but does not apply to international cable or satellite services.The Voice of America is not allowed to broadcast programs through local affiliate stations.On numerous occasions in the past, especially, during military regime, security forces and police have arrested and detained journalists who criticized the government.Reporting on matters such as political corruption and security issues are particularly sensitive.Politicians and political parties harass journalists perceived as reporting on them or their interests in a negative manner.During local and state elections, journalists have been intimidated for covering certain election-related events.The militant group Boko Haram threatens media outlets and has killed members of the press.On 20 January 2012, unknown gunmen killed Channels TV reporter Enenche Akogwu while he was reporting on the Boko Haram attacks and bombings in Kano that day. Telephone system: further expansion and modernization of the fixed-line telephone network is needed; network quality remains a problem; the addition of a second fixed-line provider in 2002 resulted in faster growth but subscribership remains only about 1 per 100 persons; mobile-cellular services growing rapidly, in part responding to the shortcomings of the fixed-line network; multiple cellular providers operate nationally with a subscribership approaching 60 per 100 persons (2010); and 9mobile.

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