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Whereas chat rooms allow you to communicate with people in real time, forums are more suited for discussions where not all participants have to be online at the same time.

Forums also tend to be more organized, with discussions separated into topics called "threads," which are moderated.

Chat rooms are a synchronous method of online communication, meaning that conversations occur in real time with all the participants logged in and present.

Forums tend to be asynchronous, as not all participants are always online and discussions occur at a much slower pace.

Visitors to a forum can log in hours or even days after a discussion has started and still catch up by reading previous posts.

This is not possible in a chat conversation, as conversations take place at a much faster pace.

This also means that forums tend to stick to a specific topic, while conversations in chat rooms can rapidly change, depending on the mood of the participants.

Due to the fast pace of chat rooms, they are harder to moderate than forums.

Chat rooms sometimes have filters to block inappropriate words, but it is impossible for moderators to check each message before it is displayed without slowing down the conversation considerably.

Users may be warned or banned for spamming a chat room with unsuitable content.

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