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It’s been over two years since Eleonora first shared her cheeky guide for “Italian Curse Words Not Needed: Useful Words and Phrases.” We think it’s time for the next step, here are some tips on how to seduce an Italian Man! But why wait passively for the inevitable seduction?

Here are a few key Italian love phrases women traveling in Italy can use in every occasion, to take charge of the conversation situation.

Flirting American-born and Roman-bred Eleonora Baldwin is an active writer, blogger, journalist, gourmet vacation entrepreneur and photographer living in the Eternal City.

Her blogs illustrate dishes, restaurant reviews, and useful tools for parents travelling with kids in Rome.

On Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino, her most popular blog, Eleonora shared her insider knowledge about the depth of Italian cuisine.

She can be spotted in and around the Eternal City guiding epicure travelers to secret food and wine locations, interviewing celebrity chefs, and capturing with her camera the essence, beauty and life that surrounds her.

I hope this will help you to make a good impression on your partner. [vwoi EHS-seh-reh lah MEE-ah rah-GAHT-tsah](Will you be my girlfriend?

We do not use the expression “Will you be my Valentine? If you want to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, you have to say To a woman: Vuoi essere la mia ragazza? [vwoi EHS-seh-reh eel MEE-oh rah-GAHT-tsoh](Will you be my boyfriend?

For me there's nothing more rewarding than being at an Italian restaurant and chatting in Italian with the waiter or waitress.

Sometimes the looks on my friend's faces are priceless...

» » Click Here to discover the simple method I took advantage of to learn Italian fast This section is in response to the many requests I receive for Romantic Italian phrases, Italian love quotes or Italian love Phrases.

If you have any romantic phrases that you would like translated into Italian or English for free then submit them in the form at the bottom of this page and check back here. My wife had some romantic Italian phrases in an old school diary (it's a very Italian thing) so we found some material (that I was allowed to see) and had a good time writing it up.

Here are some Romantic Italian phrases (Frasi d' Amore) from my wife's high school diary, we'll begin with the shorter ones: with your Italian friends, family, and loved one's culture is to learn the Italian language... Looking for venues in Rome to practice those romantic italian phrases and Italian love quotes then visit the Rome nightlife and Rome restaurant guide pages.

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