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Interracial dating forum black white

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Growing up in the 60's & 70's in the midwest, all the hispanic people I knew were entirely assimilated, and as a kid I never thought of them as being a different 'race.' They were just brunettes, basically.

My pediatrician was Cuban and the high school Spanish teacher was Mexican.

Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia were just occupants of the melting pot, just like me (albeit much more famous).

If you watch Mila Kunis on 'that 70's show' that's basically what it was like.

Only in later decades did 'hispanic' come to be regarded as a racial classification.

Interracial dating can be challenging in an event, but the black/white thing in the US is really unique.

There is just so much more historical baggage to deal with.

Plus, the level of distrust and hostility between blacks and whites just tends to be higher than between many other groups. Why is it almost uniformly white male-Asian female.

Some people will dispute this, but I think the evidence is there. When was the last time you heard of scores of white homeowners selling off their property at a loss and fleeing a neighborhood in panic because Pakistanis were moving in? What role does attraction across ethnicity trump historical issues of race relations?

When was the last time you heard of dozens of white-owned businesses closing up and relocating to a different neighborhood due to an influx of Koreans? In simple terms: Is IR between different groups based more so on how hyper feminent [ Asian females] and hyper masculine [african america males] said groups are?

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