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The Crossing at Attock: As soon as the British annexed area around present day Punjab-NWFP boundary, they started working on the idea of bridging Indus at Attock.The crossing at Attock was considered very important for military strategic reasons.

The width of the river bed at the point I have selected for the tunnel is 1215 feet.As a result of the detailed report from Colonel Robertson, of which an excerpt is given above, British Government sanctioned Rs 10000.Work started on building this tunnel on 12 March 1860.In June of same year, water leakage in the tunnel works made the project suspended for few months.In January 1861, another grant of Rs 10770 was approved but work never caught pace.Some heavy machinery could not be obtained on time and work got suspended again from May to November of 1861.In summer of 1862 another machinery breakdown caused the work to stop.By now British government had spent Rs 59300 which was far more than the original estimate.At this time work was stopped until a study could be made about all the challenges and causes of delays.When work stopped on the tunnel only 258 feet distance remained between the two ends of the boring to meet under the bed and complete the tunnel.This is an amazing piece of history related to bridging effort of Indus at Attock.

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