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Diablo 3 launcher stuck on updating setup files

Bashiok - Blizzard Representative - 08/01/2011 -"So how many skill combinations are there now?Well taking into account 6 active skills, all the rune combinations, and 3 passives we currently expect each class to have roughly 2,285,814,795,264 different build combinations." "Hey, I thought you'd like the witty irony of grub-on-glowie violence!" this works, even if the solution doesn't Press Windows "Start" Button Type "cmd" in the field "Search programs and files", you'll see cmd's icon, right click on it Choose "Launch as Administator" Type in cmd: net user Administator /active:yes After the command is applied, reboot ur PC Log in ur PC as Administrator Note - If installation freezes, don't turn it off, leave it for at least 10 minutes, it'll most likely continue to update But but but..there will never be an open beta!!!

About your problem, if you have good download speeds I would just delete current files and start over.

IF it happens again , it's most likely a server issue, as in overcrowded.

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I could never get any work arounds to fix this problem with trying to install the beta since around 14.

What did work for me was as an American was installing the EU English version.

From what I heard it has something to do with their internet verification system and since I'm behind a university firewall it must have some issues.

if you have some way of monitoring your connection, check to see if its not actually downloading.

for me when i installed the beta client the progress bar wasnt updating, but it was actually still downloading the game. Even the mods along with the community here agreed on that, mods even closed thread about open beta because it would never happen, so there is no way everyone can play this weekend, as they see fit Sorry, had to do it!

We actually try to never close threads unless they are completely out of control, and as for the Open beta, this was littlerally decided a day or two ago.

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