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I recently saw an overview of the “digital marketing landscape”.

There were so many software tools listed in the infographic that it was practically impossible to read, even on a large screen.

Given the diversity of marketing software and the position of the customer feedback therein, I understand you sometimes don’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

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However, feedback tools will tell you why a visitor does what he does.They provide insight in the reasons as the visitors themselves are able to indicate what they believe is good or bad about their experiences on the website, with the product, or with the company.5 types of feedback tools As provider of analysis and reporting software for feedback from websites and apps we are dealing on a daily basis with feedback data originating from external feedback tools.At Mopinion, we also often have to guide new employees through the complex landscape of feedback collection tools.To create some order, I use the following subdivision: I have delimited the above to feedback you can gather yourself through the website (called on-site feedback collection).Obviously there are many other ways to collect online customer feedback through other channels, such as social media, chat, screen sharing, (online) usability panels and comparison websites.This has been deliberately left outside the scope of this blog.What the tools in this overview all have in common – and why people often confuse them – is that all the feedback is requested from the customer or the visitor of the site by means of a short (and unfortunately sometimes a somewhat too long) feedback form.The tools can often be recognised by the feedback button on a page, but it also happens that you receive an invitation by email to provide your feedback, as often done in case of webshop reviews after a purchase.Dynamics in the selection I am also aware of the fact that the list is not complete (and never will be).The assortment of feedback tools is very extensive and grows almost weekly.

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