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Dating the metta sutta lang ru

“When the mind is clear, anything is possible.” Luang Por Dhammajayo Cleaning is fundamental to living a healthy life.Just as our body cannot become clean all by itself without our showering and scrubbing, our mind cannot become clear without our attempts to clarify it from time to time.

A crystal-clear mind is like a crystal-clear body of water in which we can easily see what’s underneath the water surface – fish, shells, shrimps and the like.

Likewise, when our mind is crystal clear, we are equipped with a razor-sharp vision to see the reality as it is.

We can distinguish between what is good and what is bad, what is appropriate and what is not, what to say and what not to, what to do and what not to do, and the like.

Accordingly, our judgment is atits best, and the decision we make yields optimal benefits.

When we’ve made the right decision over spiritual or worldly matters, we can totally enjoy success.

Our conscience is clear, our heart blossoms and our self-esteem soars.

Conversely, if our mind is clouded with stress, worry, sadness, anger, envy, boredom, obsession, prejudice, favoritism or any other form of defilement, our inner vision is compromised. We may see the reality from one angle but not from every angle because our inner vision is clouded.

Accordingly, our ability to make the right decision to yield optimal benefits will be weakened.

Even if it produces some results, our clouded mind will keep us from enjoying the outcome as much as we’d like.

It is hard to truly enjoy success, for example, if it is driven by anger or achieved at the expense of own emotional well-being.

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