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Dating multiple girls persona 3

In this Persona 5 Romance guide, we'll be walking you through the correct steps to take and answers to choose in order to sway various characters in the game, including Ann, Futaba, Makoto, and more.A Persona 5 Romance can only be initiated once you've built up your Social Link with a character, but we'll cover all that and more throughout the guide below.

The previous conversation choices you pick have no bearing on whether you can enter into a relationship with her or not.Makoto is another character who shows up relatively early in the game.To enter into a relationship with the staunch Makoto, you'll first need to level up her Social Link to level 9 (which in itself can be pretty tricky if you have less charm), and only after this will you be presented with a very clear relationship option with the character.Additionally, she will unlock a certain ability if you initiate the relationship.Futaba's relationship options are another tricky one.First of all, you'll need to attain rank 4 in Kindness, and then level up her Social Link to rank 9.Whenever she texts you to hang out, make sure you do!After completing her Mementos request, you'll be able to get to rank 9 and unlock the conversation option in order to romance her.After getting access to Haru's Social link, you will need to get to Rank 7 in her Social Link to unlock the relationship options.Afterwards, it's a pretty simple process to enter into a relationship with Haru, as again, the conversation options unlock at Rank 7.The standoffish doctor that you'll find in Yongenjaya is also a relationship option, and you'll have to get your Guts up to Rank 2 in order to progress.

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