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Like all good watches, Hamilton is based in the postcard setting of Switzerland. Not quite the Jura, but not a locale to be sniffed at either.

The Hamilton Watch Company began life across the pond, the fourth of a long line of watch outfits to find a home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

1892 - the year in which the Hamilton Watch Company was officially established - was the golden age of American manufacturing, and like cars, aeroplanes and pharmaceuticals, watches were seen as another emblem of solid, midwestern craftsmanship.

Fast forward to the next decade, and the brand had acquiesced to the Buren Watch Company of Switzerland, before then switching to SSIH that later became known as Swatch Group.

Hamilton’s days as a great American manufacturer were over. Hamilton had always dipped a toe into Tinseltown, appearing in flicks as early as 1951.

It wasn’t till the turn of the century however, when Hamilton really amped up the cameos, with various models seen in The Talented Mr Ripley, Men In Black, Ocean’s 11 and the Spiderman series to name but four.

Fast forward a few more years, and Hamilton’s clocked up a filmography that would even cast a shadow on De Niro himself: 239 movies across 65 years in the industry.

The Hamilton American Classic very much lives up to the name.

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