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The love story between Britain and its tea is a tale nearly as old as time itself, but recent trends show that coffee lovers are well on the rise.

Studies and surveys show that England’s coffee industry pushed 3 billion in sales last year alone, but drinking …

Here is my take on being the other woman in a man’s life. Some things I say here may shed light on the truth of our ugly situation.

First, let me introduce myself; I am the other woman in your man’s life. I am his woman on the side and I am quite content with that.

I get what I want from this relationship and, contrary to popular belief, our relationship revolves around more than just sex.

I am not here to judge you, so I ask you to stop judging me.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Now that I have gotten the pleasantries out the way, let’s get down to business.

I am not some scandalous hood-rat running around on a mission to take someone’s man.

I am a woman just like you and I am angry because somehow everyone wants to throw dirt on my name by labeling me a jump-off as a means of demeaning and devaluing me.

I am a woman that knows what she wants and is a relationship with no strings attached. Why should I apologize for making an informed decision to be the woman whom he consensually decides to be intimate with? But woman to woman, I pity you; at least I truly know who he is and what he represents. Let’s face facts; I know more about him than you do. Believe it or not, I was minding my own business when he came along and let me add without any mention of you.

Unfortunately, often I have been erroneously named a jump-off when, often, there is no woman to speak of in his life. Did it ever occur to you that I was here long before the thought of you was even conjured up? Everyone wants to label me as the one who ruined your relationship. Once I knew about you, I stepped back; but he pursued me even more aggressively.

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