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Battlefield vietnam stats not updating

Due to the immense size of this patch, we have split it into smaller parts. Or any other software of your choice which can handle RAR-archives.

I own both battlefield 3 and bad company 2 but when i tried to open bad company 2 it said the same thing as you.

I just tried what the other guy suggested but in my origin games folder there is nothing.

I play battlefield 3 all the time so i dont know why there are no files there.

Hey guys, Im not sure how many here play Battlefield Vietnam but for some reason (this just started last month) when I log into a server my ping is most of the time low anywhere from 38-140 but I still get some type of lag.

When im walking around it sounds slower, When I zoom in to try and shoot some one it automatically zooms out and sometimes back in.

When I crouch the little white icon showing if your up or down shows in the middle but it bounces and I lag really bad when I try 2 move like that.

When I try and lay down sometimes it will stand back up on its on and sometimes lay back down.

Also when im loading the loading screen and its playing music, the darn music stars skipping, and when I use "The All Seeing Eye" I refresh and scan all US servers (Im from US) all the pings are over 500.

Ive ran virus scanners adware programs and all kinds of stuff.

Norton got 10 viruses and 5 spyware off and it still does it.

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