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The Life story of Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed, who introduced rock'n'roll to teenage American radio audiences in the 1950's.Freed was a source of great controversy: criticized by conservatives for corrupting youth with the "devil's music"; hated by racists for promoting African American music for white consumption; persecuted by law enforcement officials and finally brought down by the "payola" scandals.

What a thrilling, frightening time it must've been for Alan Freed leaving Cleveland for New York in the mid 50's just as rock & roll was taking off. Drama, poignancy, hilarity, romance, racism..the music, from all angles. Jeff Altman, Moosie Drier, Laraine Newman are all solid.

Fran Drescher and a young Jay Leno are a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on one's perspective) as Freed's secretary and chauffeur.

As solid as the supporting players are, this is Tim Mc Intyre's tour de force.

In a just world he wins the best actor award in a runaway for his portrayal of the man who brought rock & roll to the white kids.

A highly underrated actor that we lost too soon, Mc Intyre captures Alan Freed in a manner so profound that I can't think of anyone since who has so inhabited an iconic figure so convincingly.

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The superb skill he displays in supporting roles in The Choirboys, Brubaker and others comes to full fruition here.He captures all sides, all subtleties of a troubled yet honorable man caught up in the whirlwind that was rock & roll in 1955.But for Freed and for us, from beginning to end it's all about the music.Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis turn in classic performances not to be missed, but for me even more delicious are the studio, office and street corner scenes featuring the music.If you have any interest in the history of rock & roll, particularly the early days, you MUST see American Hot Wax.It is easily one of the top music films of all time.At this time American Hot Wax is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.Otherwise it appears to be out of print, though bootleg copies seem to be available.First of all, good luck finding a copy of this movie. Secondly, I’m going against the grain with most of the reviews.I enjoyed this film but I didn’t think it was “all that.”For my taste, I couldn’t get into the approach of the movie.There’s no plot, per se, more like a “day in the life” with scenes that seemed improvised and off the cuff.

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